There are many occasions where translators must know the exact word count of the excel file but Microsoft Excel doesn’t calculate the word count automatically. As a translator, you might be looking for a tutorial to help you to calculate the exact word count.

Well, there are different solutions or tricks for calculating the word count in the excel file. Here are some of the suggestions that you can follow:

Calculate the Word Count Using Microsoft Word

This is the easiest way to count the word count of an excel file. Select everything in the excel file with select all options, copy it to Microsoft word. Microsoft will detect the word count automatically.

Calculate the word count by Converting excel file to Unicode text format

You can calculate the word count of the excel file by importing the excel sheet to Microsoft word. For this: Open the excel file, Save it in Unicode text format (*.txt), and Open it with Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word will calculate the word count automatically.

Calculate the Word count by using formulas

The word count in excel find can be calculated using formulas but it might not be easy for everyone. Here is an official tutorial that you can use for the same purpose.

Calculate the Wordcount with Softwares

You can find some paid software over the internet which simplifies the process of counting the word count of the excel file. If you need to calculate the word count regularly or in bulk, this type of software will do the word count automatically in no time. They also offer a free trial. You can try them before purchasing the license. Some of this software are Anycount, TextCount, etc.

I hope this post will help fellow translators to complete the word count of the excel file easily.


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