On our website, I believe that the best translators should be native speakers. Our contracted translators are fluent in Nepali and English vocabulary, specialized industry terminology, common phrases and the culture of both languages—all of which contributes to accurately translate the meaning of the source document. Providing Nepali translations to stakeholders is beneficial to all industries:

We provide Nepali Translations from Asia to Europe to America for multiple industries, including:


Communicate product value to Nepali markets through translated marketing materials, instruction manuals, labels, product packaging, and company websites.

Human Resources

Translating employee handbooks, compliance policies, employee benefit information and training manuals keeps Nepali-speaking employees and informed of job duties and expectations


Keep students and parents up-to-date with school districts and universities with translated school bus schedules, registration information, class schedules and more.


Inform patients with limited English proficiency about their health condition or the medical care of a loved one with Nepali medical translations for prescription information, medical records, research papers and facility brochures.

Government/Public Sector

Provide Nepali-speaking residents with translated emergency information and public transportation schedules along with registration forms and applications necessary to assimilate with American culture.


Court cases and legal negotiations often require translated contracts, medical records and other documents to prepare attorneys for trial, depositions and client interviews.

Fast, Accurate Translations

English to Nepali and Nepali to English business translation services are available nationwide. Submit your document today for a fast, FREE quote!

  • Legal Contracts
  • Research Papers
  • Product Labels
  • Applications
  • Subtitles
  • Marketing Materials
  • Financial Statements
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Websites
  • And more!

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Nepali Translation FAQ

What type of format do you accept or produce?
All of our Nepali translations are available in .doc, .docs, .ppt, .txt, .xlx, .indd, .ai, .pdf and more. Desktop Publishing is available upon request.

How long do translations take?
We accept high volume translation requests every day. Quotes are based on the number of words to be translated and the number of pages in a document.

What is the difference between website translation and localization?
Website translation is converting the text word-for-word from one language to another. Depending on a company’s marketing or business strategy, sometimes this is all that is needed. With localization services, not only is the website translated, it is optimized for a specific audience, language and geographic region.  If you’re not sure which method is best-fit for you, contact us to speak with a representative. 800-726-9891

What if I need a certified legal or medical translation?
We provide both qualified and certified Nepali translations. Certified legal and medical translations are available upon request.

Professional Medical Nepali Translation and Interpretation

Providing access to healthcare and facilitating communication between Nepali patients and their doctors is one of the most critical objectives of language services providers. To ensure that quality access is provided and that clear communication can occur between doctor and patient, our contracted Nepali translators and interpreters are professionally trained and educated in specific medical terminology and HIPAA training.

Their ability to provide accurate and concise explanations of complex medical concepts ensures accurate Nepali translation from doctors and perfect understanding from patients. From clinical trial questionnaires, informed consents, patient surveys, procedure explanations, to prescription information, these linguists are ready to provide excellent Nepali medical translation and interpretation services.

Professional Legal Nepali Translation and Interpretation

Interpreters Unlimited has been servicing the Nepali-speaking community since 1970 and has extensive experience providing legal Nepali translation and interpretation services. Legal language services require a specific skill set and experience. Many of our contracted Nepali interpreters and translators specialize in the legal field. Linguistic and cultural expertise in translation and interpretation is critical in order to ensure fairness and transparency in the legal process. Contact IU for quality Nepali legal translation and interpretation services.

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Making Connections Nationwide. For more information about Interpreters Unlimited and our Nepali translation and interpretation services, please call 9849658494

Nepali website translation and localization services

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