You are interested in working as a translator but you don’t know where to search for translation jobs. Even if you are a busy translator, you might want to expand your services to include new clients. But where can you find the translation jobs? Are there any specific translation job sites?

Well, you can find many job sites for translators on the internet. I am not going to list all of those job sites. I will only list the popular translation job sites here.

List of job sites for a translator

Here is the list of job sites for a translator.

1. Proz

Although old, Proz is still one of the most popular among translation agencies and freelance translators. You can find a fair number of job posts posted daily on this website. The only drawback is that with a free account, you might not be able to apply to all job posts. This requires you to take a premium membership.

2. Translatorscafe

Translatorscafe is also popular among translation agencies and freelance translators. You can browse for available jobs according to your language pair by going to the Job board. What I like about Translatorscafe over Proz is that their user interface is simple. There are many restricted areas within the site in Proz. You have to get the premium account to unlock the access. Translatorscafe also has a premium membership but a free membership will do the job.

3. Translation Directory

Translation Directory is an online Portal for translators, translation agencies, and Translation jobs. Although not as popular as Proz and Translatorscafe, you will find an adequate number of existing jobs here. Translation Directory also provides a premium membership. With the premium membership, you can email your resume to a number of translation agencies. This is a good way to start your translation career.

4. Upwork

Upwork is a popular choice for freelancers to finding freelancing jobs. Although it is not a dedicated platform for translation jobs, we can find a number of translation jobs on this website. Upwork used to have free and paid plans but it has removed its free plan currently. So, this job site might not be perfect for you if you are just starting your translation career.

Other Popular Job sites For Translators

1. Gengo
4. Unbabel
5. TextMaster

Well, there are many job sites for the translators that could make it to the list. But the websites listed above you are special. Proz and Translatorscafe are my favorites. They have many ongoing jobs for various language pairs. Once you apply for a translation job and if you are accepted, you will have a direct relationship with the translation agencies. This ensures that they might hire you in the future as well.

This was the list of job sites for a translator. If you have or know any website that offers translation jobs for translators. Please, feel feel to list them in the comments section.


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