How to translate PDF file into English

Translated PDF

If you want to translate a PDF file into English, you can translate it with the help of Google translate. Most of you know about google translate. Google Translate is a machine translation tool powered by Google. It lets you translate words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages for free.

Today we will learn about how to translate PDF files into English by using Google Translate.

1. First of all, Open Google Translate in your web browser.

2. Second, choose your source and target language. For example, I have selected English as the source and Nepali as the target in the attached picture.



3. To translate a PDF file into English, click on the documents tab found on the top left section of the window. Once you click on documents, you will get the option to upload your pdf file for translation. You will get the option to translate your PDF file into English after uploading the document.

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translate PDF into English

Click on translate once you see the translate button for the uploaded document.

4. After that, It will take some time to translate your PDF files into English. After a while, you will be presented with a new window. Your PDF file has been translated into English now.

You can see the source text in the left column and the translated text in the right column in the right column. You can copy-paste the target column to Microsoft Word for further editing. You can create the PDF file from Microsoft once you finalize the translation.

Although Google Translate is not 100 percent accurate, it can translate a PDF file into English for free. If you want to use the PDF file for official use, it is wise to choose professional translation agencies. If you don’t prefer translation agencies, you should at least proofread or edit the translated PDF file using the service of a Professional Translator.

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We have talked about translating a PDF file into English for free. If you face any problems during this process, please feel free to ask us.

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