Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Best price to charge for a remote or video intrepretation?

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      Sandip Ghimire

      Need help! What would be the best price to charge for a remote or video interpretation? Is there any sort of minimum charge?

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      Fredy Molano

      I say it depends on the customer

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      The fees you should charge for any interpreting job should reflect your skills and competencies, the difficulty of the assignment, the value that you bring to the table, your certifications if required, the length of the session, … there are many unknown variables in your question. Charge what you normally would charge or a little bit more than what you would charge for doing it in person. It’s much more difficult.

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      Ismelda Newcomb

      Thank you very much

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      Salvador Virgen

      Your experience and your knowledge determine what you charge. If a top surgeon cleans a scratch and puts a gauze he will be charging his normal rate.

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      Rocio Denise Rappaport

      Same as face-to-face

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