copyright infringement

How to avoid copyright infringement & plagiarism in translation

The Internet has given us many opportunities, both in terms of access to knowledge and dissemination of information. A large number of friends who are familiar with multiple languages have gradually increased their interest in translating and publishing popular articles or blogs on their websites. However, if you do not pay attention to the use of …

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Literary Translation

What is a Literary Translation?

In the 20th century, translation became an independent research subject. At the same time, a large number of theoretical research schools emerged in the western countries, including literary and art schools, descriptive schools, and linguistic schools, which presented a trend of development of “different schools of thought”. With the continuous expansion of the scope and scale of …

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machine translation

What is Machine Translation?

The development of machine translation technology has always been closely related to the development of computer technology, information theory, linguistics, and other disciplines. From early dictionary matching to dictionary-combined expert linguistic knowledge, to corpus-based statistical machine translation, with the improvement of computer computing power and the explosive growth of multi-language information, machine translation technology gradually …

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