Must-read books for translators

Books for translators

The translation is an interesting and lucrative career option these days and you might want to become a translator. However, translation is not an easy task. There are many things you should consider before starting a translation career and reading is one of them. Here are the books that can help you succeed as a translator.

Books That Translators Should Read

1. Jeremy Munday’s “Introducing Translation Studies”

2. Lawrence Venuti’s “The Translation Studies Reader.”

2. Routledge’s collection of books on Translation Studies

3. Mona Baker: In Other Words

4. Jiří Levý’s The Art of Translation

5. Anthony Pym’s Exploring Translation Theories

Further Reading For Translators

While the book listed above is for translators beginning their career, the below-listed books can be used for further reading.

Baker, M., In other words – A coursebook on translation

Bassnett, S., & Trivedi, H. (Eds.), Post-colonial translation: theory and practice.

Bassnett, S., Reflections on Translation

Cronin, M., Translation in the digital age.

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Gopinathan, G., Translation, Transcreation, and Culture – Theories of Translation in Indian Languages.

The little book of transcreation: Insight into the word of creative translation.

Jiménez-Crespo, Translation and web localization

Kelly-Holmes, Advertising as multilingual communication

Landers, Literary Translation-A Practical Guide. Clevedon

Leppihalme, R., Culture Bumps – An Empirical Approach to the Translation of Allusions. Clevedon

Mason, I., Discourse in Translation – A Social Perspective.

Newmark, P., More paragraphs on translation

O’Hagan, M. & Magiron, Game Localization: Translating for the global digital entertainment industry

Pym, A., Exploring Translation Theories. (2nd ed.)

Samuelsson-Brown, A Practical Guide for Translators. (5th ed.)

Torresi, I., Translating promotional and advertising texts.

Wilson, R. & Maher, Words, Images, and Performance in Translation.

Well, we can’t just guarantee that you will become a translator just by reading these books. Some countries require that you should get a translation degree before you can work as a translator and there are other requirements as well. There is no doubt that these books will enhance your knowledge and will make your way easier but you should not completely rely on them. The most essential thing about becoming a translator is that you should have a passion for it and you should be good at reading and writing.

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