Monday, October 26, 2020

What is the meaning of se la vie?

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      Dahn John

      I came acrross a term while translating a document. The term is “se la vie”. I am not sure which language it is. I couldn’t just guess the meaning by its context. Can anyone explain the meaning of se la vie?

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      De Range

      “se la vie” is a French term which means to say “that’s life”.

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      Raaj Bhat

      The meaning provided above is correct but to make the meaning more clear:

      “se la vie” translates to “that’s life or such is life” in French language. The term “se la vie” is mostly used to ignore or accept your sense of disappointment. When someone says “se la vie”, it means that you should face the situation and move forward. se la vie is an French idiom that has a similar meaning to Oh well for English.

      I hope you are clear with the meaning of se la vie.

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      se la vie means something that is upsetting but you just have to deal with it.l

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