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What are the religions and religious words that starts with p

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      What are all the religions that start with the Letter P?

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      Here are some religion and religious words that start with P along with their meanings:

      Pagoda: A Japanese or Chinese style of Buddhist Shrine.

      Pali: The ancient Indian language was used to write the teachings of Theravada Buddhism.

      Parochet: The Parochet is the curtain that hangs in front of the ark in a Jewish Synagogue.

      Pentecost: The English name for the Jewish festival of Shavuot. There is also a Christian festival called Pentecost 7 weeks after Easter, which commemorates the day when, according to the New Testament, the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples of Jesus.

      Pesach: A Jewish festival in March or April to remember the Exodus of the ancient Jews from Egypt.

      Pope: The head of the Roman Catholic Church.  Roman Catholics believe that there has been an unbroken succession of Popes beginning with Jesus’s disciple Peter.

      Poya: Recognized by Buddhists as the days which should be used to make a special effort to go to the Vihara and to meditate.  These days fall on full-moon days.

      Progressive Moving Forward:  Progressive Jews believe that Judaism should adapt to modern times and should always try to move forward and improve.

      Progressive Revelation: A Bahá’i belief that God has sent successive revelations in order to uplift and educate humanity.

      Prophet: Christian, Jewish, and Islamic Scriptures all believe that a Prophet is someone who was chosen by God to speak to people in the world about His wishes.

      Protestant: Witness to the Truth.  A type of Christian. Protestants believe that they witness to the truth of the Bible.  It was founded in the 16th century by people who wanted to change the Roman Catholic Church but could not, so they formed the Protestant church. It is now one of the four main Christian churches.

      Psalm: For Jews and Christians it is a song of praise to God.

      Puja: Worship in Buddhism and Hinduism.

      Purim: A Jewish Festival in February or March to celebrate the story of Ester the Jewish wife of a Persian King who saved Jews from death.

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